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Name Owner Attachments
ADA Guidance Vicki Rasmussen
Equipment Requests Cathy Callaway
Ergonomic Assessments/Worksite Accommodations Vicki Rasmussen
Name Owner Attachments
Filling Vacant Positions Vicki Rasmussen
New Employee Set Up Process Vicki Rasmussen
SOS-Specialized Office Services Process Vicki Rasmussen
Name Owner Attachments
FMLA Information Cinda Wacker
Reporting Time Cinda Wacker Attachment
Time Leave - Administration Cinda Wacker Attachment
Time Leave Instructions - Staff Cinda Wacker Attachment
Understand Leave Cinda Wacker Attachment
Name Owner Attachments
Confidentiality & NonAgency Personnel Vicki Rasmussen
Employee Name Change Vicki Rasmussen
Local Office Employee Personnel File Vicki Rasmussen
Name Owner Attachments
College Coursework - VR Staff Vicki Rasmussen
Training Request Instructions Vicki Rasmussen
Name Owner Attachments
Expense Reimbursements Cathy Callaway
Meal Reimbursement Cathy Callaway
Nonexempt Employee Compensable Time While on Travel Status Vicki Rasmussen
State Car Policy Cathy Callaway
Travel Policy Vicki Rasmussen

Case Services

Name Owner Attachments
VR Services in Transition Brigid Griffin
Name Owner Attachments
AgrAbility Angela Fujan
Assistive Technology Partnership Angela Fujan
Driving Control Systems Angela Fujan
Hearing Aids Angela Fujan
OJE - On the Job Evaluation Paige Rose
Post Secondary as an Assessment Service Angela Fujan


Name Owner Attachments
Annual Review Angela Fujan
Individualized Plan for Employment Angela Fujan
IPE Amendments Angela Fujan
Ticket to Work Carla Lasley
Name Owner Attachments
Client Accountability Policy Cathy Callaway
Client Appeal Rights, Procedures Angela Fujan
Client Assistance Program Jerry Bryan
Client Background Screening Policy Vicki Rasmussen Attachment
Mediation Jerry Bryan
Sex Offender Policy Vicki Rasmussen Attachment
Suicide Intervention Policy Vicki Rasmussen
Violent & Disruptive Behavior Vicki Rasmussen


Name Owner Attachments
Address Book Numbers Cathy Callaway
Cleared Warrant Inquiry Cathy Callaway
Customizing Grids Cathy Callaway
Log In/Passwords Tibor Moldovan
NIS Definitions Cathy Callaway
NIS Document Numbers/Warrant Numbers Cathy Callaway
NIS Payment Process Cathy Callaway
Payment Inquiry Cathy Callaway
Signature Requirements Cathy Callaway
State Fiscal Year End Cathy Callaway
Stop Payment vs Warrant Cancellation Cathy Callaway
Subledgers Cathy Callaway
TSB Rental Policy Cathy Callaway
Voucher Inquiry Cathy Callaway
VR Office Address Book Numbers Cathy Callaway
Name Owner Attachments
Chart of Account Objects Cathy Callaway Attachment
Checks Return vs Checks Mailed Cathy Callaway
Common Object Codes Cathy Callaway
Contract Payments Instructions Cathy Callaway
Current Business Unit Cathy Callaway
Expense Reimbursements Cathy Callaway
Federal Fiscal Year End Cathy Callaway
IBT's Cathy Callaway
Invoice Filing Requirements Cathy Callaway
Invoice Remark Field (Non-IBT Payments) Cathy Callaway
Invoice Standards Cathy Callaway
Medicaid Authorization & Payment Procedures Cathy Callaway
No Show Policy Angela Fujan
Payment Corrections (Adjustments) Cathy Callaway
Refunds Cathy Callaway
Supported Employment - Fiscal Cathy Callaway
Name Owner Attachments
Fixed Assets - Inventory Cathy Callaway
NIS Purchasing Requirements Cathy Callaway
Office Depot - Ordering Office Supplies for Clients Cathy Callaway
Office Depot Instructions Cathy Callaway
Purchasing Business Rules Cathy Callaway
Purchasing Cards - P-Cards Cathy Callaway
Purchasing Instructions Cathy Callaway

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Name Owner Attachments
Key Definitions Brigid Griffin
Memorandum of Understanding Brigid Griffin
Pre-Employment Transition Services Brigid Griffin
Pre-Employment Transition Services FAQs (Link) Brigid Griffin
Purpose Brigid Griffin
Referral to Pre-Employment Transition Services Brigid Griffin
Resources Brigid Griffin
Work- Based Learning Experience Brigid Griffin Attachment

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