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Title Contact Date Emailed
OJE/OJT/WBLE Timesheet Automation Cathy Callaway 10/10/2018 Show
Client Appeal Rights, Procedure Victoria Rasmussen 09/30/2018 Show
Assisting Individuals with Disabilities to Register to Vote Victoria Rasmussen 09/30/2018 Show
Order of Selection (Program Manual Update) Angela Fujan 09/21/2018 Show
Task Note Guidelines (Program Manual Update) Jen Papproth/Angela Fujan 09/20/2018 Show
Section 511- Employment Not Expected from Services Paige Rose 09/11/2018 Show
Annual Review and Voting Registration (Program Manual Update) Jen Papproth 08/22/2018 Show
Case File Order (Program Manual Update) Jen Papproth 08/14/2018 Show
Social Media Policy Sarah Chapin 08/09/2018 Show
Termination (Program Manual Update) Jen Papproth 08/07/2018 Show
Benefits Orientation (Program Manual Update) Carla Lasley 08/07/2018 Show
Benefits Analysis Services Carla Lasley 08/06/2018 Show
Benefits Orientation Carla Lasley 06/29/2018 Show
Supported Employment - 30 day report for Customized Employment (Program Manual Update) Carla Lasley 06/14/2018 Show
Referral and Other Programs Form Carla Lasley 06/07/2018 Show
Career Pathway Advancement Project (CPAP) (Program Manual Update) Janet Drudik 06/06/2018 Show
Self Employment Chapter Mary Matusiak 06/05/2018 Show
College Coursework-VR Staff Victoria Rasmussen 05/26/2018 Show
Travel Policy Victoria Rasmussen and/or Cinda Wacker 05/23/2018 Show
VR Certificate Programs Mary Matusiak 05/21/2018 Show
Supported Employment and I/DD Customized Employment (Program Manual Update) Carla Lasley 05/17/2018 Show
Benefits Orientation Carla Lasley 05/09/2018 Show
Work Based Learning (Program Manual Update) Brigid Griffin 05/07/2018 Show
New Employment Choices, New Education Choices, New Medical/Health Insurance Choices, New Termination Milestones and New Services Cheryl Ferree, cheryl.ferree@nebraska.gov, 402.471.3652 04/09/2018 Show
Expense Reimbursement Cathy Callaway 04/03/2018 Show
Chapters Impacted by CWA- Career Planning, OJE, Rapid Engagement, Vocational Evaluation Paige Rose 03/23/2018 Show
Career Pathway Advancement Project (CPAP) Janet Drudik 03/13/2018 Show
ATP Consultation and Benefits Orientation/Assessment in Pre-employment Transition Services Brigid Griffin 03/12/2018 Show
Benefits Services Carla Lasley 03/08/2018 Show
OJT-On the Job Training and CWA-Community Work Assessment Victoria Rasmussen 03/07/2018 Show

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