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Title Contact Date
New Employment Choices, New Education Choices, New Medical/Health Insurance Choices, New Termination Milestones and New Services Cheryl Ferree, cheryl.ferree@nebraska.gov, 402.471.3652 Apr 9, 2018 Show
Expense Reimbursement Cathy Callaway Apr 3, 2018 Show
Chapters Impacted by CWA- Career Planning, OJE, Rapid Engagement, Vocational Evaluation Paige Rose Mar 23, 2018 Show
Career Pathway Advancement Project (CPAP) Janet Drudik Mar 13, 2018 Show
ATP Consultation and Benefits Orientation/Assessment in Pre-employment Transition Services Brigid Griffin Mar 12, 2018 Show
Benefits Services Carla Lasley Mar 8, 2018 Show
OJT-On the Job Training and CWA-Community Work Assessment Victoria Rasmussen Mar 7, 2018 Show
Client Background Screening Policy Jen Papproth Mar 7, 2018 Show
CWA- Community Work Assessment Paige Rose Feb 15, 2018 Show
Self Employment Mary Matusiak Jan 2, 2018 Show
Functional Capacities Checklist Angela Fujan/Jen Papproth Dec 21, 2017 Show
State OJE/OJT/WBLE Timesheets Cathy Callaway Dec 18, 2017 Show
Order of Selection Angela Fujan Dec 5, 2017 Show
Substance Use update Jen Papproth Oct 5, 2017 Show
Supported and Customized Employment -Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities-Independent Provider Judy Vohland 308-482-0413 Sep 29, 2017 Show
New Referral Source - DD Service Provider/Sheltered Workshop Paige Rose, paige.rose@nebraska.gov; 402.719.0319 Aug 9, 2017 Show
Section 511: VR Eligibility for DD Letter Paige Rose Jul 18, 2017 Show
AgrAbility Judy Vohland Jul 5, 2017 Show
Section 511: Employment Not Expected from Services Paige Rose Jun 12, 2017 Show
Workweek Schedule Adjustment Policy Victoria Rasmussen May 25, 2017 Show
CWA- Community Work Assessment Paige Rose May 23, 2017 Show
Supported Employment & Customized Employment-Intellectual Disabilities-Independent Provider Judy Vohland May 12, 2017 Show
Supported Employment & ID Customized Employment-Behavioral Health, Acquired Brain Injury, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities (ID/DD) Judy Vohland, judy.vohland@nebraska.gov, 308.482.0413 May 12, 2017 Show
Work-Based Learning Experience Lindsay Brown and Brigid Griffin May 12, 2017 Show
Nonexempt Employees Compensable Time While on Travel Status Victoria Rasmussen May 3, 2017 Show
Dress Guidelines Victoria Rasmussen May 3, 2017 Show
Job Coach Guidelines Lindy Foley Mar 28, 2017 Show
Eligibility - Hearing Loss Angela Fujan Mar 22, 2017 Show
Filling Vacant Positions and New Employee Set Up Process Victoria Rasmussen Mar 3, 2017 Show
Pre-Employment Transition Services Brigid Griffin, Lindsay Brown Mar 3, 2017 Show

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